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Opportunist Magazine is owned by Markham Woods Press Publishing Company, Inc. (“MWPP”) and is an independent electronic publication committed to providing our readers with factual information on specific publicly traded companies.

Opportunist Magazine or any of its principals, partners, or agents, are not, nor do any represent ourselves as, either registered investment advisors, brokers, or dealers. Readers should consult with their own independent tax, business and financial advisors with respect to any investment opportunity, including any contemplated investment in any advertised or featured or profiled Company.

Any profile, description, or other mention of any company herein is neither an offer nor solicitation to buy or sell any securities. All companies are chosen on the basis of criteria established solely by our editors. All statements and expressions are the sole opinions of our editors and may be subject to change without notice. Please consult your financial advisor or a broker before purchasing or selling any securities featured on this website



It is possible that an investor's investment may be lost or impaired due to the speculative nature of the companies profiled. Readers should not rely solely on the information contained in this website, but should consult with their own independent tax, business and financial advisors with respect to any investment opportunity, including any contemplated investment in the companies mentioned or advertised on this website.

While it is our goal to feature equity investments in micro or small cap companies that have the potential for long term appreciation, many of the companies we select to profile involve an extremely high degree of investment risk and stock price volatility, and use of the information provided herein is at the investor's sole risk. Investors are cautioned that they may lose all or a portion of their investment if they decide to make a purchase in any of our profiled companies due to the speculative nature of these companies. Readers should carefully review all accessible information about the companies thoroughly with their registered investment advisor. Neither Markham Woods Press Publishing Company, nor Opportunist Magazine shall be liable for any loss, damage, or expense of any kind resulting from the purchase of securities of a company advertising or profiled on our website. It should be understood that the past performance of any such companies is no guarantee of their future results.

Before investing, we encourage our readers to carefully read the investor information available at the websites of (i) the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") at www.sec.gov and/or (ii) the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ("FINRA") at www.finra.org. FINRA has published on its website information on how to invest carefully.  Readers may review public filings by companies that are “reporting companies” on the SEC's EDGAR page. www.sec.gov/edgar.shtml, and may obtain information publicly disclosed by “non-reporting companies” as such information appears on the Over-The-Counter marketplace website at www.otcmarkets.com.


Opportunist Magazine attempts to verify the accuracy of information contained in all sources, however, it can neither represent nor warrant the accuracy of information provided by these sources. Investors should, at no time, rely solely on the information contained in this publication. The receipt of this publication shall not create, under any circumstances, any implication that there has been no change in the affairs of the company profiled since the date of review. THE READER SHOULD VERIFY ALL CLAIMS AND DO THEIR OWN DUE DILIGENCE BEFORE INVESTING IN ANY SECURITIES MENTIONED.

Factual statements about any company on this website are made as of the date stated and are subject to change without notice. Opportunist Magazine is not responsible for any statements or claims made by the companies in their profile or advertising. Prior to posting information or advertising on our website, the companies have reviewed and approved the contents. Opportunist Magazine has not independently verified any company representation. Any opinions expressed in the company profiles by the writers thereof are statements of judgment as of the date of publication. The analysis contained herein does not purport to be a complete study of the featured company or other companies mentioned. Information used and statements of fact have been obtained from the featured company and other sources, and are not verified nor guaranteed by Opportunist Magazine as to completeness or accuracy.  We urge readers to carefully verify independently all representations within any profile.

The profiles in the web site are believed to be reliable AT THE TIME THEY ARE WRITTEN; however the publisher disclaims any and all liability as to the completeness or accuracy of the information containeD THEREIN and for any omissions of material facts from ANY such profile.

None of the information is intended to be used as a basis for any investment decision, and the information is subject to change without notice. Information provided may not be current.

The reader is encouraged to independently verify any information concerning a Company advertising herein and contained in this website with such Company and their respective investment advisor or securities broker.

Any opinions or statements contained herein may include “forward looking” statements which are based on management’s beliefs, assumptions and expectations of future performance, taking into account the information then available to them as managers.  These statements may not be statements of historical fact and may use words such as "anticipate," "believe," "expect," "future," "may," "will," "would," "should," "plan," "projected," "intend," and similar expressions. Forward looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause the actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from what is stated.

Opportunist Magazine accepts compensation from some of the companies from which it features as well as from third parties interested in promoting such companies. Because of this fact, Opportunist Magazine should never be regarded as an independent, impartial publication.   From time to time, including the time companies may be featured on this website, MWPP, its affiliates, representatives and assigns may sell the shares it receives as compensation for coverage of the client companies.  In order to be in full compliance with the Securities Act of 1933, Section 17(b), any consideration to Opportunist Magazine will be fully disclosed if applicable.

While the policies of Opportunist Magazine and MWPP are designed to minimize any impact upon our members of a conflict of interest between us and readers, each reader should be fully aware that such potential and actual conflicts of interest may well exist due to the compensation structure described above. For this reason, and because the information contained on our website is updated regularly as circumstances demand, each reader is strongly encouraged to periodically review the information of Compensation Received by us by clicking on this web link.