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Iran Sanctions Lifted As Nuclear Infrastructure Is Disabled


thefiscaltimes articleThe following is an excerpt from Carol Morello and Karen Deyoung | January 17, 2016 | Thefiscaltimes.com |

Iran reentered the global economy Saturday, as years of crippling international sanctions were lifted in exchange for the verified disabling of much of its nuclear infrastructure.

For Iran, implementation of the landmark deal it finalized with six world powers last summer means immediate access to more than $50 billion in long-frozen assets, and freedom to sell its oil and purchase goods in the international marketplace. Tehran has hailed the deal as vindication of its power and influence in the world.

“Today marks the start of a safer world,” said Secretary of State John F. Kerry. “We understand this marker alone will not wipe away all the concerns the world has rightly expressed about Iran’s policies in the region. But we also know there isn’t a challenge in the entire region that wouldn’t become much more complicated, much worse, if Iran had a nuclear weapon.”

The removal of sanctions comes as President Obama begins his last year in office, and almost seven years to the day sincamane he called on Iran to “unclench your fist” and take steps toward rapprochement with the United States and the world. As a result, of the agreement, he said in his last State of the Union speech this week, a “nuclear-armed Iran” has been prevented, and “the world has avoided another war.”

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