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Israeli Military Uses Tech As Its Protective Edge


cnet articleThe following is an excerpt from Ben Fox Rubin | September 24, 2015 | cnet.com |

HATZERIM AIRBASE, Israel -- In the middle of this flat, sprawling military installation in the Negev Desert, Captain R. walked into a dusty concrete lot where a series of low-slung sheds housed about half a dozen F-16I fighter jets.

The 25-year-old pilot, whose name wasn't disclosed to protect his identity, had a clean-shaven, youthful face and short, brown hair. He wore an olive-green jumpsuit with the insignia of his Knights of the Orange Tail squadron -- a tiger's face with wings -- on a patch over his chest.

Inside what looked like a bowling-ball bag, he carried one of the many cutting-edge technologies the Israeli military uses today: a weighty helmet with wires dangling from the sides and a bulky oxygen mask at the front.

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