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Jeb Mocks Rubio Whining: ‘It’s So Unfair’


weeklystandard articleThe following is an excerpt from SHOSHANA WEISSMANN | February 4, 2016 | WeeklyStandard.com |

During an event in New Hampshire on Wednesday, a woman said she was concerned about the super PAC supporting Jeb Bush, Right to Rise. She asked Jeb, "I like what you're saying, I think you're a gentleman, but are you playing good-cop, bad-cop? Because you say you have no control over your Right to Rise, which I understand, but can't you denounce it? Because all that money— aren't you beholden to them?"

Jeb replied that he isn't beholden to Right to Rise, and that, "guess what? This is not beanbag. This is a contact sport." Jeb added, "I think it's pretty tame compared to previous elections."

He then added, "I'm being attacked by Marco Rubio's super PAC. And I don't feel like [in baby talk] it's so unfair y'know it's not." [laughter]

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