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GullCoverWealth Generators President Kevin Gull talks with Opportunist’s Managing Editor Leslie Stone about how his company is pioneering the way for people across all demographics to take control of their financial future.

Kevin Gull recently joined Wealth Generators after 20 years of experience developing brands and integrating marketing strategies for a number of clients and companies. He also held various executive management positions at nationally recognized advertising agencies and, most recently, was president of Symmetry Global, where he led the company to its highest levels of growth in several years. As a leading consultant in the direct selling industry, he successfully launched more than 12 networking startups and worked with leading companies such as NuSkin, Equity Labs, iCentris, Red Mat Media, VideoPlus, Xcape 1 and more.

Wealth Generators was founded by pioneers in the financial education industry who, together with their 40 years of combined experience in equities and option trading, are teaching individuals how to take control of their financial future. The company analyzes stock performance and provides trade alerts, and also helps investors earn income by referring others.

Opportunist: What is the mission of Wealth Generators?

Kevin Gull: We empower personal freedom. I’d like to summarize it in three words: follow, prosper and share. Those three words really embolden what we do. We talk about following, or subscribing to, that idea of educating yourself and empowering yourself. And if you’re doing that you have a greater opportunity to prosper. The last part of the equation is that you are obligated to share. Other people will see how happy and more successful you are and want to know why. At Wealth Generators, we believe that you’re obligated to share your success with others. I don’t want to sound greedy, but money is the driver of so many things, good and bad, in this life—in today’s world.

Opportunist: Do you believe money can buy happiness?

Kevin Gull: Everyone would certainly be happier to gain a few more bucks, wouldn’t they? If we can help somebody earn $500 more a month, that money might go toward a young child’s education, a new car, the power bill. When we talk about sharing, we mean we will share this with everybody. People can really prosper by utilizing a simple subscription to our service. Empowering personal freedom may sound pretty generic, but we boil it down to: follow, prosper, and share.

Opportunist: What is your role as president of the company?

Kevin Gull: I’ve always seen myself as more of a strategist who likes to look at various opportunities and how they can appeal to others. I’ll be bringing a couple of other key executives on board. One joined us this past week and another will arrive in early August. Both of these men are veterans of the direct selling industry. Our new vice president of sales has helped a number of great direct sales companies, or MLMs, that have done very well. Prior to that, he was in the financial services industry and doing something very similar to our model. He understands the financial services industry very well and he will head up our sales sides.

Wealth Generators 200Opportunist: What attracted you to Wealth Generators?

Kevin Gull: First and foremost, the system. I was amazed—daily—with how much this company offers for the average person to educate himself or herself about trading stocks. The training and automation that has gone into this system is truly amazing. I am in awe of our experts’ ability, which they have been able to prove over the last two years, and how effective and efficient their system is in helping people navigate the financial industry, the stock market and trading. These guys are just amazing. There is no hocus-pocus. It was all built on hard work. These experts are behind the scenes researching and putting out the newsletter, and are very good at what they do. They’re in the marketplace and held in very high regard.

Second, I’ve never seen a direct selling business opportunity where you’re actually paid to use the product. What I mean by that is, in all the MLM companies I’ve worked with, I was never paid to actually take or use their products. That is what this one essentially does.

Opportunist: How does the system work?

Kevin Gull: There are two components to people being able to generate prosperity or wealth. First, obviously, is by subscribing to our Prosperity System and by using the information in market alerts and newsletters, people have the opportunity to put their money to work. In fact, we can show you that over the last two years any of the stock strategies that we’ve described or listed in our newsletter, the lowest performing strategy was just under 106 percent ROI. So if you invested $500, you would have doubled your money in six months. So you are actually getting paid to use the product. And again, that was our lowest performing strategy in that six-month window.

The second way to earn income is by referral. For everyone you refer and who then joins Wealth Generators you will get a small percentage of that monthly subscription for as long as that referral subscribes to our services. We are a subscription-based company.

Opportunist: How much does your basic subscription cost?

Kevin Gull: Our basic subscription is $49 monthly, and it gives you information and access to whatever strategy you select to follow and utilize in your brokerage account. We don’t touch your account, however. For $99 you can select one of our three packs, which gives you access to three of our trading strategies. What I love is that we’ve made it quite easy for people who usually don’t get into trading stocks or options or anything in the financial marketplace because they’ve always felt it was too sophisticated or they didn’t have enough time or money. We’ve removed those barriers.

When you subscribe you have access to all that education and knowledge, and we have a subscriber newsletter that goes out according to the strategy you have selected. If you subscribe to that and you listen to the strategies and watch what is done you too have a great opportunity to be successful. We have dumbed it down, for lack of a better phrase. Anybody can do it. And I believe middle class America can really use something like this.

We have created a product that can generate wealth and assist people in navigating the sophisticated waters that are the financial trading services industry. As far as I’m concerned, if you can do this you’ve got something unique that can change the face of not only the direct selling industry but also help people generate additional income for themselves.

Opportunist: So you are essentially bringing ‘Wall Street to Main Street?’

Kevin Gull: Yes, we are bringing our expertise to the common man and the middle class especially—and we have found a real need. We live in a generation now of immediacy. It takes a lot of time, as I’ve discovered from my day-trader friends, to build the knowledge base that is required to successfully do this. With Wealth Generators, all that knowledge base is quickly transferred to other people because they are quick to use our system and able to look at the newsletters and apply that to their own brokerage account. We have taken the sophistication of trading in the marketplace and allowed people to generate their own wealth through our prosperity system.

We are pioneering the way for individuals across all demographic groups to take control of their financial future. And we have eliminated the level of sophistication that was previously a barrier to entry to so many people. In fact, we haven’t lowered that barrier—we have eliminated it altogether, and in such a way that people can be successful on their own.

Opportunist: What are the most important steps middle class Americans should take right now to secure their financial future?

Kevin Gull: Stop being apathetic. Don’t put your money into a 401k and forget about it. You’ve got to pay attention and keep an eye on it. Take personal responsibility because no one is going to hand it to us anymore. We aren’t that type of society.

The attitude we are starting to see right now is interesting. I compare it to a resurgence similar to what we saw during the industrial age of the 1940s and 1950s when people took personal responsibility for their own economic condition and the greater good. Americans became apathetic in the late-1970s and into the 1980s, and by the 1990s we started to realize we better take hold of our financial future and grow it ourselves.

College education alone is not going to give you a bright future. I am a father of five and I know things have changed a great deal. Both my father and my father-in-law stayed at the same jobs for 30 to 40 years. That doesn’t happen anymore. People need second incomes and other ways to make money besides the traditional 40-hour-per-week jobs. That’s what I love about small business. I am not telling anyone to quit his or her day job, but I believe our system can help people generate wealth in a greater fashion and in less time.

Opportunist: What is your greatest fear in the markets right now?

Kevin Gull: Volatility around the world. What is happening in Ukraine and even the Israeli-Palestinian crisis tends to stress the market. Sanctions in various parts of the world don’t seem to directly have an effect but we live in a global marketplace now and things like that have a ripple effect that translates down to the marketplace and can change the dynamics of what is happening in the financial arena.

Opportunist: Is the American Dream still within reach for the average person?

Kevin Gull: Yes, and that is why I am excited about what we offer. I have five children—and my first grandchild on the way—so I have to believe in that. Who wouldn’t want to take personal control of their own financial future without spending tons of time on it? We can help people empower themselves and have a prosperous financial future in the way that they choose. So, yes, I do believe that. I’ve got to believe.

Opportunist: How do you think the U.S. economy is doing?

Kevin Gull: The economy is on a rebound, but I don’t think we can just sit back and let it take its course. We have to take control and be a part of that rebound. I really would like to see small business rebound better. The federal government hasn’t provided much support—not as much as we had hoped anyway—and there are really no good reasons why.

Small business is always an indicator and driver of how well the economy is doing. I live in an area of the country that is very entrepreneurial-driven and full of a hardworking class of people who are always looking at ways to do things better. I’m a big believer in Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen and his theory of disruptive innovation. We are seeing that effect on our economy now. We live in a very entrepreneurial age, and I think that is a good thing for America right now. There are so many tools readily available to us. I hate to say it, but nobody is going to work for someone for 25 years anymore. You’re lucky to see people last five years with a company. We are providing opportunities for people to better themselves and prepare themselves and, again, take personal responsibility.

Opportunist: What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

Kevin Gull: My beautiful wife of 27 years and my five children. They are the reason I go out the door every day. That probably sounds trite in this day and age, but I am a family man first and I like people to know that. I take great pride in providing a home for my family and teaching my kids the necessity to go out and challenge the world.

Opportunist: Can you share your immediate and long-term goals for Wealth Generators?

Kevin Gull: What I’m hoping to accomplish in this next year is to show the world what Wealth Generators is about. I believe we can change the marketplace if we can do this correctly. People who were never interested in direct sales before—and those who never considered trading stocks because they felt the barrier to entry was too difficult—will be very interested in this company. These are key components and key drivers to generate some interest and do well over the next 12 months to two years.

Five years down the road, I anticipate that we will not only be helping people trade stocks but also be offering more encompassing services such as help with tax issues, how to find better medical coverage and so forth. I don’t believe the federal government should provide all the medical benefits; there should be alternatives where we can affordably take personal responsibility. And at the end of the day I believe we should be able to provide services for better utilization of the almighty dollar in a personal way.

LesphotoLeslie Stone is an award-winning writer/editor with more than two decades of experience covering business, finance, real estate and lifestyle issues for newspapers, magazines and online publications. Originally from Virginia, she currently resides in Florida. Follow her on Twitter at @lescstone.

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