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Launch of Opportunist Magazine Provides a Voice for Penny Stock, Micro Cap and Small Cap Companies


World Wide Web -- February 8, 2011.

For Immediate Release

The launch of an online publication for investors, OpportunistMagazine.com, promises to give voice to penny stock, micro cap stock and small cap stock companies. Offering valuable information and daily news to financial firms, small businesses and investors, Opportunist Magazine will add a quarterly print edition of the publication later this year.

Opportunist Magazine provides frequent updates on publicly traded companies that are listed on the OTC (Over the Counter) and Pink Sheets bulletin boards. Pink Quote (aka Pink Sheets), an electronic quotation system displaying data from securities dealers and investment brokers, typically reports investment statistics on pink sheet and small cap companies that are too small to appear in newspaper financial pages. Pink Sheets report the bid and ask price on company shares from the previous trading day.

Opportunist Magazine's primary focus is small publicly traded companies that are typically underexposed in the investment world at large. Penny stocks, a stock priced below $5 per share, is one type of investment product that readers of Opportunist Magazine can follow online.

Microcap stock is another product that investors can track on OpportunistMagazine.com.  Microcap stocks are stocks issued by modest-sized publicly traded companies whose market capitalization is less than $1 billion.

Adventurous investors who prefer to do their own homework and speculate financially on little-known companies will want to bookmark OpportunistMagazine.com for daily updates and research on promising, rapidly growing investment opportunities that don't show up on conventional stock exchange radar screens.

Other Opportunist Magazine features that small stock enthusiasts will enjoy include selected company profiles to help readers make informed investment decisions and articles on a variety of topics. Feature articles are penned by Opportunist staff and guest writers with professional investment acumen. I-tunes podcasts (content provided by smallcapvoice.com) and TV interviews with penny stock, microcap and small cap companies (content provided by provided by moneytv.com) give readers a different perspective. A live quote streaming feature means that readers are never more than a click away from market updates.

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