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LeEco Wants To Be The Next Amazon In The US. Genius Or Bust?


cnet-articleThe following is an excerpt from Roger Cheng | November 10, 2016 | CNET.com |

You've probably never heard of LeEco. But the Chinese company, an unconventional mashup of Apple, Amazon, Paramount, Tesla and Netflix to millions of consumers in China, has plans, big plans, to dominate your home.

That's why it hosted a splashy coming-out party in the US last month at which it unveiled phones, TVs, a smart bike and even a trailer for Matt Damon's "The Great Wall," which the entertainment and devices company co-produced. What makes things especially interesting: LeEco plans to offer premium products at ultracompetitive (as in, wow, that's a deal) prices to lure subscribers to its content and services.

Then things got a little weird.

Following a video that put WWE entrances to shame, CEO Yueting Jia ran on stage and spent 20 minutes offering up a confusing monologue about the prototype for LeEco's self-driving car. Jia rambled on about how one of the cars couldn't be shown because it was damaged in transport, while another was stuck in London with director Michael Bay, who is using the vehicle in his next "Transformers" film. To an increasingly quiet and confused audience, he went into excruciating detail about the whole affair.

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