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After London Attack, Prime Minister Says, ‘Enough Is Enough’


The following is an excerpt from STEVEN ERLANGER | June 4, 2017 | Nytimes.com |

LONDON — Declaring “enough is enough,” Prime Minister Theresa May vowed on Sunday a sweeping review of Britain’s counterterrorism strategy after three knife-wielding assailants unleashed an assault late Saturday night, the third major terrorist attack in the country in three months.

Seven people were killed and dozens more injured as the men sped across London Bridge in a white van, ramming numerous pedestrians, before emerging with large hunting knives for a stabbing spree in the capital’s Borough Market, a crowded night spot. In a matter of minutes, the three assailants were chased down and killed by the police.

The assault came days before national elections this week and after the British government had downgraded the threat level to “severe” from “critical,” meaning that an attack was highly likely, but not imminent.

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