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Review: Courtyard by Marriott, New York Times Square West

A Truly Perfect Place Close to Everything

by M.W. Garfinkel


If you're looking for good value, incredible cleanliness, proximity to Times Square and the heart of NYC, and you understand that having a view from your room is not important because the best views are when you are actually walking the streets of NYC, then this hotel is a home run.  I "tested" the Courtyard by Marriott, Times Square West for 4 nights.

Check In and the Lobby:  Check in was a breeze. Nice little touch: the front desk staff stand behind pods/podiums (a little more personal) and come out from behind their pods to speak to you in a more conversational tone once your reservation is complete. The lobby is super sharp and modern looking and has free newspapers and a small marketplace for candy and some staples. In the lobby is also where you'll find a business center to the left of check in and an interactive informational map to help you get around in the event you need some help. With free hotel Wi-Fi that actually works at lightning speed, your cell phone or lap top will help you find what you need even quicker than the interactive map.

Elevators and Eateries:  The hotel has three elevators for 27 floors and 224 rooms. I never had to wait more than five minutes for an elevator, and I was on floor 15. There's a breakfast buffet in back of check-in that serves until 10:30am and a bistro/bar that's open until 11:30pm. The seating area near the buffet and bistro offers large tables with electrical outlets to charge your cell or lap top so you can work while you eat. Starbucks coffee is served on site and the staff is trained to make the real thing.

The Rooms: (Really what counts, eh?) Never, and I emphasize again-"NEVER"-heard a sound from the streets.  My room was absolutely one of the best hotel beds I've slept in over the last 20 years. Great mattress, linens, comforter, and everything was super clean. A nightstand on each side of a king bed and an easy to use alarm clock with overly adequate lighting and lamps adorn the room. The air conditioning worked great. My room featured a nice sized desk, drawer space, large armoire, and a brand spanking new flat screen TV. The bathroom was much bigger than one would expect from a NYC hotel. There's a single sink with tons of space for toiletries and a nice sized shower/bath. Again, everything in the room was super clean.

The Cleanliness Test: After sitting next to an off duty flight attendant five years ago who was scrubbing down her seat with wipes when I got toward my seat, I learned that wiping down the area where you're setting up shop for five hours or five days is a pretty good idea. (She said, "If you could see what we see on these planes, you'd scrub down your seat for a good five minutes." She then gave me two wipes and the rest is history.) As such, I "wipe down" areas whether I enter a plane, cruise ship, or hotel. I wiped down all the door handles and bed backboard: no dirt on the wipe. Wiped down the desk and nightstands: no dirt. Wiped down the sink, toilet, and all bathroom handles and light switches: no dirt. Wiped down the TV remote, phone, and alarm clock: nothing. Actually I found more dirt on my wipe when I was the second sailing on a Carnival Cruise ship. Anyway, you get the point.

Value: Definitely a good value. Some weekdays are more expensive than others, but overall, it's a good value. A note about the view: I'm not impressed by hotel room views. As a former New Yorker, if you want to see something, go out on the street or go to the venue. If you're looking for a hotel with sweeping views of the city, this isn't it.

The Staff: In one word--great.

Overall: Great value, close to tons of attractions and shopping, great staff, and very clean. On a scale of 1-10, the Courtyard Marriott Times Square West on 37th Street gets a 9.5.