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Meet Sprinklr, The Billion-Dollar Startup That Cracked Social Advertising


forbes articleThe following is an excerpt from Forbes.com | January 20, 2016 |

Ragy Thomas has a saying about attendance at Sprinklr’s weekly customer review meetings, held every Monday at noon across the startup’s 11 offices worldwide. Senior staff and board members know it by heart: “The only excuse is if you’re attending your own funeral.”

For a CEO with a Catholic devotional item around his neck and a Buddha on his shelf, the motto is more a motivation than a threat. The conference calls, formally named the Customer Delight Assurance Program, or “See-daps,” run down every Sprinklr account with any cause for concern. Sprinklr’s clients are some of the biggest global brands and demand constant attention to their feeds on any of two dozen social networks. As Thomas told his 1,100 employees at a recent all-hands meeting: “Every one of you is in sales now.”

Ten years ago Thomas was chasing a previous marketing boom, when e-mail became the hot way for brands to pursue their customers. His company back then sold for $120 million. Today social media is the main arena, and Thomas’ six-year-old startup, Sprinklr, has the potential to achieve much more. Brands such as Nike, Verizon, McDonald’s and Starwood (and FORBES) are getting increasingly sophisticated in how they want to publish and monitor their reputations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The social platforms are also getting more savvy about working with these brands. Sprinklr’s clients span 75 countries and include half of the 50 biggest companies in the U.S. McDonald’s uses Sprinklr to build profiles of social accounts so it can recognize die-hard fans and quickly respond with love, or cordon off and address the malcontents. Josh Machiz, director of integrated marketing at Nasdaq, used Sprinklr the morning after Match.com’s IPO to document the moment on Nasdaq’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts simultaneously with a few taps on his phone. Nasdaq prefers Sprinklr because it keeps an audit trail of each post for securities regulators. Bigger customers like these pay Sprinklr several million bucks a year for its tools.

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