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Nobility Homes, Inc. (NOBH: NasdaqGM), a Florida corporation incorporated in 1967, designs, manufactures and sells a broad line of manufactured homes through a network of its own retail sales centers throughout Florida. Nobility also sells its manufactured homes on a wholesale basis to independent manufactured home retail dealers and manufactured home communities.

Nobility’s homes are available in approximately 100 active models sold under the trade names “Kingswood,” “Springwood,” “Springwood Special,” “Tropic Isle Special,” “Regency Manor Special,” and “Special Edition.” The homes, ranging in size from 700 to 2,650 square feet and containing from one to five bedrooms, are available in:

double-wide widths of 24, 26, 28 and 32 feet ranging from 32 to 76 feet in length;
triple-wide widths of 36, 38 and 42 feet ranging from 46 to 72 feet in length; and
quad unit 2 sections 28 feet long by 48 feet long and 2 sections 28 feet long by 52 feet long.

Nobility’s homes are sold primarily as unfurnished dwellings ready for permanent occupancy. Interiors are designed and color coordinated in a range of decors. Depending on the size of the unit and quality of appliances and other appointments, retail prices for Nobility’s homes typically range from approximately $30,000 to $100,000. Most of the prices of Nobility’s homes are considered by it to be within the low to medium price range of the industry.

Nobility’s manufacturing plant utilizes assembly line techniques in manufactured home production. The plant manufactures and assembles the floors, sidewalls, end walls, roofs and interior cabinets for their homes. Nobility purchases, from outside suppliers, various other components that are built into its homes including the axles, frames, tires, doors, windows, pre-finished sidings, plywood, ceiling panels, lumber, rafters, insulation, gypsum board, appliances, lighting and plumbing fixtures, carpeting and drapes.

Nobility is not dependent upon any one particular supplier for its raw materials or component parts, and is not required to carry significant amounts of inventory to assure itself of a continuous allotment of goods from suppliers.

Nobility’s Ocala manufacturing plant operated at an average of approximately 8% of their single shift capacity in fiscal year 2009 and 14% in fiscal year 2008. The Belleview plant operated at an average of 8% of their single shift capacity in fiscal year 2008.

Nobility generally does not manufacture its homes to be held by it as inventory (except for model home inventory of its wholly-owned retail network subsidiary, Prestige Home Centers, Inc.), but, rather, manufactures its homes after receipt of orders. Although Nobility attempts to maintain a consistent level of production of homes throughout the fiscal year, seasonal fluctuations do occur, with sales of homes generally lower during the first fiscal quarter due to the holiday season.

The sales area for a manufactured home manufacturer is limited by substantial delivery costs of the finished product. Nobility’s homes are delivered by outside trucking companies. Nobility estimates that it can compete effectively within a range of approximately 350 miles from its manufacturing plant. During the last two fiscal years, substantially all of Nobility’s sales were made in Florida.

For more information, visit: http://www.nobilityhomes.com/