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Why Did The Olympics Diving Pool Turn Green?


cbsnews articleThe following is an excerpt from BRIAN MASTROIANNI | August 10, 2016 | CBSNews.com |

It's not easy being green, whether you're Kermit the frog or an Olympics diving pool. On Tuesday, onlookers were shocked to see the formerly blue waters of the diving pool at the Maria Lenk Aquatic Center at the Rio Olympics turn a mysterious dark green. The water polo pool also turned a similar, sickening shade less than 24 hours later. Social media lit up with theories and expressions of confusion and disgust.

What caused this abrupt change?

According to FINA, the international governing body for the sport, some of the chemicals used in the water treatment process ran out, which allowed the pH level in the pool to drop. In a statement to the media, the Rio 2016 Local Organizing Committee explained that the green hue was the result of a proliferation of algae, fueled by heat and lack of wind.

The committee added that the water was tested and posed no threat to the athletes.

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