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OnePlus Denies Sending Clipboard Data To China


The following is an excerpt from Mark Wycislik-Wilson | January 28, 2018 | betanews.com |

Phone-maker OnePlus has had a tough time of things in the press recently with claims about users' clipboard data being mined, and the problems following a credit card breach. A second suggestion that the company was sending clipboard data back to China surfaced recently, but the company has been quick to deny any wrongdoing.

Suspicions were raised when a OnePlus user noticed a file called badwords.txt which includes a list of words such as "chairman," "private message" and "address."

The file was noticed by a French security researcher called Elliot Anderson. It was found in a compression archive called "pattern" along with a number of other files. Anderson explains that "all these files are used in an obfuscated package which seems to be an #Android library from Teddymobile," which is "a Chinese company" that works "with a lot of manufacturers including Oppo."

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