The Advanced Concept of Scalping in Forex

Scalping in Forex

The guide to surviving in the Forex market tends to include a unique concept that has brought forward numerous benefits. Known as an advanced strategy, this particular concept has made investors happy by helping them tackle down a long list of problems. To avoid all the guessing work since it is clearly mentioned above, let’s cut to the topic and talk about Scalping in Forex. The advanced set of strategies that it brings to the table is required to help run aspects through the market and make you wealthy. Hence, let’s learn more about this advanced concept known as Scalping.

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The Introduction

In simple terms, Scalping is nothing but a strategy that works based on real-time technical analysis. When it gets mixed with Forex, the method moves ahead to make a large number of trades to produce small amounts of profits. This is achieved as the process does not hold a position for a long time. It tries to gain pips by holding a position for a couple of hours, days or weeks. Anything beyond that is not considered to be Scalping.

The Process

The practical application of Scalping for Forex tends to take place as traders scalp currency pairs by using a specific time frame. These periods last between 1-15 minutes. But the traders do not usually opt for the 15-minute time frame as they believe it to be less effective. As a result, the 1-minute and 5-minute time frames are the most common choices. These are known to bring out a profit of 5 and 10 pips per trade, respectively. But for this to scale through, you also need to pick a currency pair that is volatile and predictable.

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The Decision

The decision to opt for Scalping is one that needs to be taken after some consultation. Soon after you understand the method, you need to think about the time that you’re willing to put into the trade because Scalping requires timings that can be related to a full-time job. Yes, that’s right. Constant analysis, placements and multiple orders tend to take hours, and at times they might even be stressful. Your predictions of the market is another aspect that is deemed to be necessary. Based on your analysis, you must quickly open and close positions that should not take more than a few seconds.

The Broker

Choosing is a broker for your scalping strategy is another step that you need to execute. For this purpose, you must cross out brokers who do no allow the process to take place within the system. According to the current market stats, numerous brokers are not supportive of the idea of closing trades. As a result, these brokers do not provide ECN execution systems and other tools that promote the strategy. Considering all these features, your list of brokers needs to get shorter until you find one that suits all your needs. Towards the end, when the factor of costs arrives, we believe that you would have made a decision.


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