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Privacy: Germany Bans Kids’ ‘Spying’ Smartwatches


The following is an excerpt from Mark Wycislik-Wilson | November 19, 2017 | betanews.com |

Regulators in Germany have introduced a ban on children's smartwatches citing privacy concerns. Telecoms regulator the Federal Network Agency (FNA) describes the wearables as "spying devices" and advises parents to destroy them.

The FNA said that parents had been using such smartwatches to listen in on their children at school, and warned teachers to be on the lookout for them. But a lack of regulation of the devices means that many have poor security, meaning they could be used by others to spy on wearers.

This is not the first time German regulators have stepped into ban privacy-invading devices. An internet-connected doll called My Friend Cayla has already been banned because of spying concerns. Germany has strict surveillance laws, and the monitoring or recording of conversations without consent is illegal. As the now-banned smartwatches allow for someone to listen in on the conversations of not only their children, but also anyone who happens to be nearby, the watches have fallen foul of the law.

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