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Put Away Your Phone


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The following is an excerpt from Christine Pelosi | March 16, 2016 | Huffingtonpost.com |

It is 806 days since my 2014 New Years Resolution to work out every day I am not on the road, and I’ve now accomplished 600 workouts. How? I learned to put away the phone.

Put away the phone? You’ve got to be kidding! We just LIVE on our phones — texting and calling and tweeting and blogging and otherwise connecting from dawn til way past dusk. And yet... I did.

You see, something happened almost five years after giving birth to my Bella: Her “baby fat” went away but mine didn’t. I told myself I hadn’t lost my pregnancy weight because we were on the road doing my Campaign Boot Camps — and that was partially true. I told myself I could multitask — exercise and conference call at the same time — but that wasn’t working either. It was time to admit that unlike my mom, Nancy Pelosi, I can’t get slim on power walks and chocolate ice cream for breakfast. I needed to join a program and stick to it.

There were gyms — I tried a few — but there we were, the elliptical, my phone, and me, and the phone was winning. So I set off for SoulCycle (good friends swore by it) but I’m claustrophobic and it’s dark in those rooms so that wasn’t going to happen. Finally I found the spot for me. A clean, well-lit, open space for Pilates.

The first day I put away — locked up(!) — my phone for class it was like cutting the umbilical cord. “What if my daughter’s pre-K calls?” “What if work needs me?” I got through the first class thinking “They can call my husband; Peter’s on HIS phone,” and “Work always needs me. They’ll call back.” Unsurprisingly to you (but not entirely to me) the world had not ended when I returned to my phone 60 minutes later.

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