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Is The Race To Autonomy Another Race To The Bottom?


The following is an excerpt from TIM STEVENS | July 5, 2018 | CNET.com |

The drive to develop autonomous technology has often been called a race, and a race is exactly what it is. Virtually every major vehicle manufacturer, and plenty of independent suppliers, are scrambling as hard and as fast as they can to make cars that can drive themselves. And though the race is well and truly on, the exact location of the finish line hasn't been agreed upon. There's a perception that the first company to the make the technology work will reap all the rewards, that this company will be carried forward on the crest of an industry-shifting wave big enough to sweep the competition right off the field.

There is some truth within that over-simplification, because given how tumultuous every industry is these days even the tiniest of advantages have a way of becoming integral. However, while this is a race, the real finish-line isn't actually getting this technology to market. It's a little further down the road.

The real winner will be the one who makes autonomous technology affordable.

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