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Red, Blue and Divided: Six Views of America


nytimes-articleThe following is an excerpt from The New York Times | November 13, 2016 | Nytimes.com |

DENVER — Marjorie Haun, 55, a Trump supporter living in Colorado, let me sign into her Facebook account on Friday. Anti-Trump protests had rocked cities across the country, and I wanted to see what the reaction looked like to her. And so I logged in and took a spin.

Her friends (she has 4,996) had posted images of a supposed Democrat defecating on a Donald J. Trump sign. Another shared a protest video — “Idiot Paid Anti-Trump Anarchists Yell ‘Peaceful Protest’ as they Bash Cars” — with the message, “Run these vile Liberal dirtbags down!!!” Others called protesters “spoiled brats” and urged friends to keep their guns loaded.

Ms. Haun had added a video of her own — “Anti-Trump rioters brawl — with each other!” — with a note: “Are we having fun yet?”

Then, I opened a new window and logged in as Meredith Dodson, 42, a Hillary Clinton supporter who lives in Washington, D.C. She has 1,176 friends. On her feed, no one was talking about the protests. Instead, there was fear. How would women, African-Americans, Latinos, immigrants, gay people and others be treated under President Trump?

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