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Russia Calls DNC Hack Accusations ‘Absurd’


abcnews articleThe following is an excerpt from LEE FERRAN BRIAN ROSS PIERRE THOMAS | June 26, 2016 | abcnews.go.com |

The Kremlin said today that accusations from U.S. officials and cybersecurity firms that Moscow was responsible for a massive hack of Democratic National Committee emails are “absurd.”

“Overall, we still see attempts to use – manically use – the Russian issue during the U.S. electoral campaign,” Russian government spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, according to Russia’s state-run news outlet Sputnik. “The absurd claims were immediately refuted directly by a presidential candidate’s family.”

Peskov may have been referring to Donald Trump Jr., who told CNN Sunday that claims by Democrats that the Russians hacked the DNC to help his father in his presidential bid were “disgusting” and “phony.”

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