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Russia Seeks To Repatriate Dozens Of Children In Mosul Whose Parents Joined ISIS


The following is an excerpt from rt.com | August 8, 2017 |

A four-year-old Chechen boy has been brought back to Russia after living with his jihadist father, who was fighting alongside ISIS in Mosul. Russian authorities are now seeking the return of several dozen such children from Iraqi orphanages.

Bilal Tagirov’s mother hadn’t seen him for two years. In October 2015, the child was kidnapped from his native Chechnya by his father, Khasan Tagirov, who went to fight alongside Islamic State jihadists, first in Syria and then in Iraq.

“For the past two years I had cherished the hope that my son would come back,” Bilal’s mother, Zalikha Ashakhanova, 24, said.“There have been attempts to bring him home. Finally, my dream came true.”

After two years of unsuccessful searches, Zalikha finally saw her son for the first time in a video from the liberated city of Mosul, uploaded on the internet.

“After watching the video with my boy, I was in shock. I hadn’t seen him for two years, but immediately recognized him. He almost did not change… I definitely recognized his voice. The mannerisms remained the same. On this video, there was his father in the background. Everyone recognized him, my mother and his relatives," the boy's mother recalls.

The woman immediately turned for help to the prosecutor's office. The head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, helped organize the boy’s search and rescue operation.

Last week, Bilal finally came back home from Baghdad to Grozny.

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