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Senators Try To Quiet Harris, But She Doesn’t Back Down


The following is an excerpt from Jeremy Herb | June 7, 2017 | CNN.com |

(CNN)Senate intelligence committee Chairman Richard Burr shut down a line of questioning from California Sen. Kamala Harris at Wednesday's high-profile hearing, admonishing her and other Democrats to stop cutting off witnesses.

The move rankled some on Twitter who argued the North Carolina Republican was singling out Harris, one of three women on the intelligence panel, during Wednesday's contentious hearing.
Harris was pressing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over whether he would sign a letter to give Special Counsel Robert Mueller full independence from the Justice Department in his probe, which would have the same effect as a letter issued for then-Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald in the investigation into the 2003 leaking of then-covert CIA officer Valerie Plame's identity.
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"Senator, I'm very sensitive about time and I'd like to have a very lengthy conversation and explain that all to you," Rosenstein told Harris.

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