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Shutdown Looms As Congress Initiates Legislative Ping Pong


The following is excerpt from JOHN PARKINSON | abcnews.go.com | February 6, 2017 |

The House of Representatives is expected to pass a short-term funding bill today to keep government running until March 23, in addition to a full-year extension for defense spending.

While Republicans signal that they have enough votes to pass the measure without Democratic support, the bill faces uncertain prospects in the Senate, where Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has signaled his opposition to cherry-picking defense appropriations apart from the other 11 spending bills.

“We want to fund defense, absolutely,” Schumer, D-New York, said during a speech on the Senate floor Monday. “We want to fund programs to help the middle class too, like education, like infrastructure, like scientific research. We’re standing up and saying we must do both.”

House Republicans, on the other hand, argue that their plan will buy appropriators enough time to finalize a looming deal to raise spending caps.

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