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SpaceX Ready To Attempt Another Historic Rocket Landing


abcnews articleThe following is an excerpt from Alyssa Newcomb | January 12, 2016 | abcnews.go.com |

Nearly one month after SpaceX successfully launched and returned its Falcon 9 rocket to Earth, Elon Musk and his team are ready to see if they can do it again, trying this time to return the rocket to a drone ship floating in the ocean.

SpaceX landed its Falcon 9 rocket upright at Cape Canaveral last month after the private space company launched a payload of satellites into orbit. With a launch date set for this Sunday, SpaceX will launch the Jason-3 into orbit for NASA. The satellite that will measure the height of ocean surfaces from space.

While the Cape Canaveral landing was a success, SpaceX will try for the fourth time to land its Falcon 9 on a barge floating in the open ocean. Previous attempts had come close to landing on the barge but were destroyed when they narrowly missed the mark and suffered crash landings.

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