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Spreading The Word: How To Promote Your Online Business


The following is an excerpt from Caroline Bullock | November 3, 2017 | BBC.com |

Online businesses now have a wealth of digital tools and techniques at their disposal to help them get noticed in the global marketplace.

Geeta Sidhu-Robb, founder of juice and health food delivery service, Nosh Detox, was using social media to promote her business long before it became fashionable to do so.
Ten years ago, in fact.

On a tight budget and needing to convince a sceptical public, she tapped in to the power and reach of bloggers to promote her diet and wellbeing products.

"Juice fasts didn't really exist in the UK at the time," recalls the former corporate lawyer and single mum of three. "In fact some people actually thought a detox could kill you."

"We couldn't afford PR [public relations] agencies or expensive advertising campaigns, so we'd talk to pretty much anyone with an online presence and persuade them to take photos, film us on YouTube and write about us," she says.

The bloggers would include a link to her website on their pages - occasionally in return for some Nosh Detox freebies Ms Sidhu-Robb admits. This helped push the business to the top of organic - not paid-for - search rankings.

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