Today is Saturday, July 4, 2015

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GHEI: Italy on the brink GHEI: Italy on the brink

The following is an excerpt from Nita Ghei | November 9, 2011 | Collapse of a bloated European welfare state is inevitable The next domino is about to fall in the European debt crisis, and it’s the biggest yet. Greece, Portugal and Ireland have already received bailouts from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). There’s no pot of rescue money big enough to save the European Union’s third-largest economy, Italy. The Mediterranean nation’s borrowing costs have soared close to ... Read More

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CNBC’s Chief International Correspondent talks with the Opportunist’s Managing Editor Leslie Stone about traveling the globe, reporting on and producing groundbreaking stories, and why she believes economic freedom is just as important and empowering as political freedom. A twist of fate landed Michelle Caruso-Cabrera the job of chief international correspondent for CNBC. She was at the studio, watching the European financial crisis unfold via live camera, as the Greeks rioted in Constitution Square, when she got a hunch to check for ... Read More

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World Economy May Hang on Greek Election World Economy May Hang on Greek Election

The following is an excerpt from Jean-Nicholas Fievet | June16, 2012 | | Greece will be the focus of world attention as Parliamentary elections are held on Sunday that have the potential to determine the future of the European currency, further unsettle international markets and even spark a new global financial crisis and recession. The outcome of the election will be a defining moment in Europe’s debt crisis. It will decide whether Greece gets a government that can strike a deal ... Read More

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Options Writer Series — Writing Options To Protect Your Investment Options Writer Series — Writing Options To Protect Your Investment

By Warren Kaplan The Stock Option Writer © Warren Kaplan 2011-2014 June 29, 2015 With Greece in financial trouble and the Chinese stock market forming a bubble, it is time to be a little cautious in the stock market. How about the slowly rising interest rates in the USA? Keep in mind that they will go up only if there is a continuing economic recovery here in the USA. As readers in this column have seen, the AT&T (T)  $36.12 stock price has recovered. In ... Read More

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