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Tech Trends To Watch In 2017


The following is an excerpt from BRIAN MASTROIANNI | December 31, 2016 | CBSNews.com |

As 2016 gives way to the new year, tech trend-watchers are looking ahead to the innovations that will impact our daily lives in the not-too-distant future. Will 2017 be the year when the self-driving car really takes off? Will companies like Apple continue to dominate consumers’ wish lists, or will new startups emerge to challenge the larger, more established brands? For every groundbreaking development that comes along to shift the ways people live their lives, there are plenty of examples like virtual reality — buzzy tech that flooded news feeds and found a place on every “tech trends of 2016” list — that have yet to live up to the all the hype.

CBS News asked some experts for their thoughts on how technology might make its mark in 2017.

Shift in consumer tech
2017 may be a year when we continue to see innovative updates to already existing tech rather than a big, splashy new device that makes waves. The era of the “one, big, monumental ‘thing’ that everyone is focused on” seems to have hit a “plateau,” CNET senior editor Dan Ackerman told CBS News.

“You know, we are at the point when even the coolest, most exciting phone that came out hit a plateau in development. You see things like laptops have this continued evolution,” Ackerman said of the focus on updates to what has already been on the market.

One thing that Ackerman said to look out for is the rise of the self-driving car. Autonomous vehicles have certainly been in the headlines lately. Just before Christmas, Uber shifted its self-driving car pilot program from San Francisco to Arizona as communities continue to struggle with how to regulate this radical new approach on the roads.

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