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Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2017


GEOFFREY A. FOWLER and Joanna Stern | December 28, 2016 | WSJ.com |

If you’ve seen it in a movie, you might see it in reality in 2017.

Just like in sci-fi flicks, this year’s flagship phones will be (almost) all screen. Some of us will start wearing computers on our faces. And chances are good an artificial intelligence will make decisions on your behalf.

Ok, teleportation is still a ways off. But we’re still in awe of what’s in store for the next 12 months. The list below has become an annual tradition, where we talk to industry insiders, track the trends and otherwise gaze into our crystal ball to identify the tech that’s going to make an impact in the near term—for better and worse.

One thing that struck us this year is the growing importance of software. You won’t necessarily need to buy a new phone, TV, watch or speaker to bring the advances of AI into your home. They’ll come in updates and apps, as well as in shiny new gadgets. This also has its downside: If you haven’t been hacked yet, the chances are even greater in 2017. And a handful of big companies will continue to consolidate their power over what you read and watch.

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