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TED 2018: Alphabet Firm’s Tools To Combat Extremism


The following is an excerpt from Jane Wakefield | April 13, 2018 | BBC.com |

The online methods used by Jihadist groups to recruit members and the way Google is countering them, have been revealed at the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference.

The research director of Alphabet-owned Jigsaw gave a talk outlining the tools the firm is developing to ease extremist content and harassment.

Google faces scrutiny over how it deals with both.

It recently announced more human moderators to remove such content.

Yasmin Green revealed that an eight week trial which targeted those searching for Jihadist material on Google with adverts and videos offering alternative views had reached 300,000 potential recruits.
Jigsaw's Redirect Method provided links to anti-extremist content including messages of peace from clerics, videos from Isis defectors and smartphone footage from those living in Isis-controlled areas.

Such links popped up when anyone typed a search enquiry about Jihadism into Google.

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