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Trump Cuts His Opponents Off at the Knees


thefiscaltimes articleThe following is an excerpt from Rob Garver | November 3, 2015 | Thefiscaltimes.com |

The top Republican candidates for the GOP’s presidential nomination indulged in a sort of vicarious group therapy session over the weekend, sending top aides to a meeting in northern Virginia where they discussed the debates organized by the Republican National Committee and hosted by major television networks.

The candidates’ proxies – mainly campaign managers and high-level aides – aired their complaints about the way the first three debates had been conducted and reached a loose agreement on a set of demands they would present to the television networks. The implied threat backing them up was that if the networks failed to meet them some or all of the candidates would not participate in future installments of the debate series, which has so far been both a ratings and advertising windfall for the networks.

Among the participants in the meeting were representatives of billionaire real estate mogul and former reality television star Donald Trump. The irrepressible Trump is many things: blowhard, opportunist, braggart. The list is long, and you can take your pick. But one thing he absolutely is not is a man who fails to recognize when he is in a position of strength.

The GOP candidates believed that they had the ability to bend the debate hosts to their will because the networks’ shareholders would be furious at the loss of advertising dollars.

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