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Trump, Putin In First Showdown At Fractious G20


The following is an excerpt from AFP.com | July 7, 2017 |

US President Donald Trump meets Russian leader Vladimir Putin for the first time Friday, in an eagerly awaited encounter at a G20 summit marked by the growing divide between America and its Western allies.

On the eve of a face-off that carries consequences for world crises including the wars in Syria and Ukraine, Trump set the tone Thursday with a strong attack against Moscow for its "destabilising" actions.

The property tycoon and the ex-KGB agent's first meeting promises to be dissected frame by frame, with their handshake and body language including each facial twitch to be scrutinised for any sign of rapprochement or estrangement.

"While Trump pro-wrestling approach is showy, bombastic and impulsive, Putin thrives on judo's discipline and mental toughness, where a core technique is to keep an opponent off-balance and exploit his weakness," noted Derek Chollet from think-tank German Marshall Fund.

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