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Trump Revives A Radioactive Plan for Storing Nuclear Waste


The following is an excerpt from Eric Pianin | June 26, 2017 | Thefiscaltimes.com |

Seven years ago, President Barack Obama, urged by then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid drove a stake through the heart of a controversial and costly plan to build an underground repository for the nation’s nuclear waste in the Nevada desert.

Reid and other Nevada officials said they would never allow Congress and the White House to dump tens of thousands of tons of nuclear waste at the base of Yucca Mountain, just 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas, despite recommendations by the Department of ETnergy and government expenditures of more than $15 billion.

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But the long-moribund Yucca Mountain nuclear repository project is very much alive again with President Trump and many Republicans now pressing for action in Congress to reauthorize the project. The Republican president has included $120 million in his fiscal 2018 budget proposal as an initial step towards licensing the project and clearing it for completion.

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