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Trump’s First Big Sale: Rallying Republicans On Health Care


The following is an excerpt from Stephen Collinson | March 8, 2017 | CNN.com |

(CNN)President Donald Trump is going all-in on the House plan to replace Obamacare, deploying the full power of his office to become the face of controversial legislation that is stirring a conservative revolt.

In the process, the one-time insurgent, who spent months blasting the Washington establishment, becomes the critical lever in making the GOP monopoly on power a vehicle to reshape the nation.

Trump will start traveling the country to stump for the plan, with visits expected to Kentucky and Tennessee in short order.

And the White House is plowing ahead to help House leadership sell this bill to the full Republican caucus, attending daily leadership meetings and "war room" meetings on the Hill, while also reaching out directly to members and outside advocacy groups that have taken issue with the House bill.

Trump has even invited members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus to go bowling at the White House -- and presumably talk about legislation between rolls.

The unveiling of the Republican bill to dismantle the central pillar of President Barack Obama's legacy was a significant moment in a new administration keen to make fundamental change.

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