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Trump’s Labor Law Enforcer Freezes Worker-Friendly Reforms Made Under Obama

Former U.S. president Barack Obama speaks at a conference during his first visit to France since he left the White House, Paris, France December 2, 2017. The session, organized by an association called "Les Napoleons" is hosted by Orange CEO Stephane Richard. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

The following is an excerpt from Dave Jamieson | December 3, 2017 | Huffingtonpost.com |

During the Barack Obama years, the National Labor Relations Board took a broad view of worker rights, expanding protections for employees who try to join a union or come together to improve their working conditions.

Under the Trump administration, those rights are being reined in to help out employers.

In a memo dated Friday and obtained by HuffPost, the NLRB’s new general counsel, Peter B. Robb, orders board officials around the country to consult his office on cases that involve precedents set on worker rights during the last eight years. The move effectively strips away the discretion of regional board officers to pursue cases against employers based upon Obama-era rulings and policies.

Put simply, the rights that were expanded under Obama are pretty much on hold.

The NLRB is the independent federal agency responsible for refereeing disputes between employers, workers and their unions. The general counsel plays a critical role at the board and functions as a quasi-prosecutor, deciding which major cases to investigate and pursue when workers claim their rights have been violated. Robb was nominated by Trump and confirmed by the Senate on Nov. 8.

Wilma Liebman, a former Democratic chairwoman of the five-member board that rules on those cases, said it is standard for a new general counsel to issue a memo ordering certain cases to be sent to Washington for advice, particularly those involving recent precedents. Robb’s Democratic predecessor issued a similar memo when he came onboard. Still, Liebman said, she was surprised by the “sweeping” breadth of Robb’s memo and the speed with which it was issued after his confirmation.

“The direction is crystal clear,” Liebman said. “There is an agenda: Fewer workers will have fewer rights.”

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