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Trump’s Putin Crush Has Grown Into a Long Distance Bromance


thefiscaltimes articleThe following is an excerpt from Rob Garver | December 22, 2015 | Thefiscaltimes.com |

Donald Trump took some criticism last week for his defense of Russian President Vladimir Putin – specifically for expressing admiration for his leadership and apparent indifference to the fact that a surprising number of Putin’s political adversaries wind up in jail, hospital, or the cemetery. Faced with the backlash, Trump did what he’s been doing with great success, ever since entering the presidential contest in June: He doubled down.

Appearing on a radio talk show broadcast from the early caucus state of Iowa, Trump sung the praises of the Russian military and said he saw great potential through what he imagines would be a very positive relationship between himself and Putin, for the two countries to be a “positive force” together.

“I’ve always had a good instinct about Putin,” Trump said in an interview with host Simon Conway. “I just feel that that’s a guy—and I can analyze people and you’re not always right, and it could be that I won’t like him – but I’ve always had a good feeling about him…. I know that Obama and him [sic] have never gotten along. I watched the two of them sitting in their two chairs as the press is taking their pictures and you can see there’s hatred in both cases, all right?”

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