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The TV for the Smartphone Age


The following is an excerpt from CHRISTINA BONNINGTON | July 11, 2018 | Slate.com |

In its early days, the television was a wood-enclosed box that blended in with your existing living room furniture. Its screen was small; plastics and composites weren’t yet commonplace. Over time, manufacturing abilities, design trends, and television usage changed. The TV became the focal point of the living room—and it didn’t need to blend in anymore. The device lost its homely trappings and evolved into the giant, black, personality-less screen we know today.

That may be changing, though. A new screen—the smartphone—now commands our attention, and electronics design has once again returned to a place where harmonizing with your home decor is valued over the statement made by numerous electronics littering your living space. The TV is returning to its place in the background, but in a refreshingly simple way.

Samsung’s Frame TV, now in its second generation, is a fresh take on the way the TV fits into the living room. The 55- or 65-inch flat screen affixes to a wall, like many TVs do these days, but instead of being an empty black screen when it’s not in use, the device acts like a picture frame, complete with art on display and a virtual, white matte bordering its edges. You can select and purchase paintings, drawings, photographs, and other works of art for the set, which automatically customizes its screen brightness based on the ambient lighting in the room. It no longer feels like a TV screen.

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