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When Your Uber Driver Brings a Time Machine


The following is an excerpt from MARCI ALBOHER | November 10, 2017 | Nytimes.com |

The name next to the tiny photo of my Uber driver looked familiar, and so did the face. If it was him, I was in for one awkward (or interesting) ride with the ex-husband of the woman now married to my ex-husband.

Wrapping up a business trip, I was standing outside a hotel in Silicon Valley. My meeting had ended sooner than expected so I was headed to the airport to try to catch an earlier flight to New York. Since I wasn’t in a rush, I had chosen the shared ride feature.

I had two minutes to decide whether to cancel, as the car icon was closing in.

I kept the reservation. I knew it was him.

What are we to each other, two people whose ex-spouses are now married? The word must exist in some language, maybe French or Italian. Twelve years ago our marriages ended, and several months later our exes moved in together. His wife had been my husband’s assistant, then associate. Their work involved investing in start-up companies in Latin America, so they traveled often, and we spouses often tagged along.

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