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Unemployed And Looking For A Job? Remember These 4 Things


The following is an excerpt from Jon Acuff | February 5, 2017 | Marketwatch.com |

I’ve lost my job three times during my 19-year career. I was fired twice. The first one I really deserved, the second one I didn’t. The third time I was laid off when the entire company went out of business.

I’d love to tell you that you won’t lose a job. You’ll work for 40 happy years and eventually get a gold watch at a retirement party where the cake isn’t too dry. That would be nice, but it’s not going to happen. Those days are over, and change comes at us faster than it ever has before.

So what do you do when you lose your job? These four things:

1. Don’t think you’re the only one.

When you’re single, it feels like everyone you know is in a perfect, long-term relationship. As you scroll through Instagram, all you see are friends smiling and riding double bikes with their partners while you binge watch “Stranger Things” alone. You feel like you’re the only one who is single. That’s not true and you’re not the only one who has lost a job. We all have. We all will. Don’t believe the lie that it’s just you. In some professions, there’s even a guarantee that it won’t end well. Think about college football coaches. They have a 99% chance of being run out of town after a few losing seasons. Very, very few of them get statues on campus. You’re not the only one who has been laid off or fired. I promise.

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