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US Lost Its Credibility By Engaging In Trade War With The World – Erdogan


The following is an excerpt rt.com | October 1, 2018 |

The US has lost its credibility since Donald Trump unleashed a global trade war, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, slamming Washington for sanctioning Turkey and trying to isolate Iran.
“The US has embarked on a false path of solving political problems not through negotiations, but through the language of blackmail and threats,” Erdogan told the Turkish parliament on Monday.

He said that Washington has “lost its credibility engaging in a trade war with the world” after Turkey, Russia, China, Iran and other countries were recently hit by American sanctions.

The Turkish leader singled out the situation with Iran, saying that threats of restoring US restrictions on the country after Trump withdrew from the landmark Iranian nuclear deal in May were “unfair.”

“It’s absolutely wrong to use sanctions when all the issues can be easily solved through monitoring, carried out by the international organizations,” he said, adding that restrictions against one state affect all of its neighbors in the region. He called such policy “ineffective.”

“It’s paramount for us that Iran isn’t isolated from political decisions that shape the future of the region,” Erdogan said.

He assured MPs that the Turkish economy “is strong enough and will not to succumb to threats and attacks” by the Americans.

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