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US To Stay In Syria So Long As ‘Iranians’ Are There – Bolton


The following is an excerpt from rt.com | September 24, 2018 |

US forces will remain in Syria so long as any Iranian-related forces operate there, the Trump administration has declared. Syria invited Iran to help fight jihadist rebels and ISIS, while denouncing the US presence as illegal.

“We’re not going to leave as long as Iranian troops are outside Iranian borders, and that includes Iranian proxies and militias,” national security adviser John Bolton told reporters at the UN General Assembly session in New York on Monday.

He also blamed Iran for “attacks in Syria and Lebanon” and said it was “really the party responsible for the shooting down of the Russian plane” last week.

Syrian air defenses shot down the Russian Il-20 scout during an Israeli airstrike on Latakia province, while trying to target Israeli F-16 jets, according to Russian military. Moscow blamed Israel for the incident, and said it would sell S-300 air defense missile systems to its allies in Damascus.

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