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Visual Healthcare Corp. Interview (OTCBB: VSHC)


5-25-11 Audio Interview with Visual Healthcare Corp. (OTCBB: VSHC)

Gerard Dab, Chairman and CEO of  Visual Healthcare Corp. (OTCBB: VSHC) called into SmallCapVoice.com to go over the details of the Company’s recent news.

Visual Healthcare Corp., since 1998, designs, creates and develops innovative information platforms, specifically conceived for the automation of a wide range of scientific disciplines. These include pharmaceutical research, clinical trials, laboratory automation, true quality assurance tools, total quality control applications, and quantitative analytic tools such as proprietary frameworks for electronic health records, electronic prescription, infection and disease control, and smart cancer registries.

The company’s extensive portfolio of proprietary technologies is the result of a unique collaboration between senior clinicians from the McGill University Faculty of Medicine and affiliated tertiary care centers, medical software architects, and a Fortune 100 healthcare service company, investing some $50 million in the process. The Company licenses its technology to operating companies in exchange for an equity stake or a royalty stream. It owns significant stakes in various companies including VisualMED Clinical Solutions Corp. (NASDAQ OTC: VMCS), a leader in the field of electronic health records.