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Walmart’s Feeling The Pressure To Stay Ahead Of Amazon


The following is an excerpt from Adam Levy | September 10, 2018 | ibtimes.com |

Walmart (NYSE:WMT) has rapidly expanded its online grocery service following Amazon's (ASDAQ:AMZN) aggressive move into the category. Walmart plans to expand its delivery service to 100 metro areas by the end of this year. The service was only available in six markets as of March 2018.

This article originally appeared in The Motley Fool.

To its credit, Walmart has made good progress on its expansion plans. Delivery is now available in nearly 50 markets, and delivery was available from over 320 stores by the end of July.

Walmart has tried several approaches to grocery delivery, including (failed) partnerships with Uber and Lyft and trying to convince its workers to deliver items on their way home from a shift. Now Walmart is testing its own fleet of independent delivery drivers similar to Amazon's Flex program. Amazon uses Flex to deliver items purchased through Prime Now, its 2-hour delivery service available to Prime members in select markets. It's also using those drivers to deliver grocery orders from Whole Foods, a program it plans to expand nationwide in the near future.

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