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Who’s to Blame for Voting Problems in Arizona’s Primaries?


The following is an excerpt from MIA ARMSTRONG | August 29, 2018 | Slate.com |

On Tuesday morning, some Arizona voters were met with locked doors when they showed up to polling sites ready to cast their ballots in the state’s primary elections. In dozens of locations across the state’s most populous county, the equipment that would allow them to do so was malfunctioning or had not yet been set up.

Maricopa County’s snafu shows that foreign interference with voting tech isn’t the only threat to election integrity. Bureaucratic missteps—and allegedly unreliable government contractors—can also get in the way of voting.

According to Maricopa County recorder Adrian Fontes, as of 6 a.m. Tuesday, setup had not been completed in 62 of the county’s more than 500 voting locations. By 11:30 a.m., all sites were reportedly functional. But for some voters, that was too late.

“This is not a hiccup. This is a serious concern where lots of voters all over Maricopa County are not able to get voting,” Fontes told reporters in a press conference broadcast via Facebook Live Tuesday morning.

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