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Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Or Create Jobs?


The following is an excerpt from JONATHAN BERR | December 27, 2016 | cbsnews.com |
Computers powered by artificial intelligence are smart enough to threaten a range of jobs, whether computers developing treatment plans for cancer patients or Amazon.com opening a grocery store without checkout lines.

That impact is already being felt. The World Economic Forum expects automation, including AI, to result in the loss of at least 5 million jobs globally by 2020. In the view of Genpact (G) CEO NV “Tiger” Tyagarajan, however, the bigger question is how many jobs such technology will ultimately create.

Genpact, formerly a unit of General Electric (GE), provides what it calls “digitally powered” business process services, which relies on ever-more intelligent tech, to a range of corporate clients. He spoke with CBS MoneyWatch about how AI is affecting the economy.

NV “Tiger” Tyagarajan: They have been smart for quite some time.You can leverage and use their smartness only if they have access to data that makes them smart. Only now are the computers and the software available that are capable of dealing with the masses of data.

So say you teach a computer that two times two equals four. How can you leverage that information?

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