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Yahoo (YHOO) Earnings Preview: Layoffs Loom As Shareholders Look For A Plan From Mayer


ibtimes articleThe following is an excerpt from SALVADOR RODRIGUEZ | February 2, 2016 | ibtimes.com |

SAN FRANCISCO — The big question Tuesday is not whether the groundhog sees its shadow but rather, will Yahoo Inc. CEO Marissa Mayer unveil a plan that can save her company? Mayer and the rest of her team are set to report earnings for the final quarter of 2015 this week and there are already reports that Yahoo could announce a decision to cut several divisions and as much as 15 percent of its workforce.

As Yahoo rolls into 2016, the internet giant is reeling from a challenging year because of key executives leaving in droves, inaction with multibillion-dollar Alibaba assets and a disappointing performance overall. Mayer is now in the hot seat with little time to prove to investors that she can bring growth back to the company's profits and revenue, or at least make Yahoo more attractive to prospective buyers.

"Since she's been there, Yahoo's top line has basically gone nowhere. It's remained relatively flat her entire tenure. Four years in — that's an eternity by Wall Street's standards," said Jason Moser, an analyst for Motley Fool.

Analysts are expecting Yahoo to report on Tuesday an estimated $1.19 billion in revenue and 13 cents in earnings per share for the quarter, but the numbers won't matter much to analysts and shareholders. They'll be looking to hear what Mayer can do to turn the company around and get its share price climbing again.

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